Visit Masicei Winery – Brattirò di Drapia (VV)

The locality from which the cellar takes its name is called "Masicei", a natural context where the Saracena tower "a Marrana" and Stromboli paint a suggestive panorama. The vineyards look over Capo Vaticano and Tropea from the terraces at the foot of the hill, places which since ancient times have always been suited for the cultivation of vines and the production of excellent wines, thanks to the excellent soil and climatic conditions: the sun, the mild climate and the breeze of the sea that caress the grapes and shape their composition, generating unique scents in the wine.

It is possible to visit the cellar with a tour:

  • visit to the cellar, the heart of the transformation of the grapes into wine, then to the vinification, refinement, bottling and labeling rooms;
  • walk among the rows of the Masicei vineyard, with a description of the agronomic management techniques, until you reach the location under the olive trees, where you will be guided in the tasting of five glasses of wine, the most representative of the company.
  • tasting typical company products and/or small Calabrian realities (bruschetta, pancakes, jams, cheeses, cold cuts, etc.).

Visit Casa Comerci Winery – Badia di Nicotera (VV)

Casa Comerci is a winery in Badia di Nicotera (VV), under Monte Poro, in the wine-growing heart of Calabria. 

A highly suitable area that enjoys extraordinary temperature ranges and a constant sea breeze that cradles the vineyards overlooking the sea. Today it is due to a woman if the canine magliocco has been cultivated in this area since the end of the 1800s: Rosina Comerci. Thanks to her, Badia was renowned for the production of blended grapes. Today this autochthonous vine can be admired in its maximum character expression. In fact, from it comes a decisive, vibrant, engaging red, rich in extract, capable of giving ready-to-drink wines or, for those who know how to wait, large bottles to drink after years of aging such as the Batia reserve.

Visit the cellar and vineyard
The Tasting provides the opportunity to taste 7 labels, from Magliocco Canino to Greco Bianco, from still wines to wines refermented in the bottle and for the more passionate also the possibility of being able to make verticals. Possibility to have lunch also in the company, accompanying the local wines with typical dishes and products of the area and linked to the Mediterranean diet, symbol of the city of Nicotera.

Bread day – Zungri (VV)

An exciting and fun interpretation of the typical peasant day dedicated to the "rural cult" of homemade bread. From the methodical preparation of the dough, to the instant in which water, flour and yeast will become the long-awaited and fragrant shapes, “a sfurnata”, to be kept “’nta madhja“.

The day culminates with the final peasant tasting, a typical and shared participation of very tasty native dishes, set up in an original location, "Raìsina". To the protagonists of this cheerful extended family (Sandrina: “a niputi“, “i cummari” and “Francisca: jimà“).

For those who wish, an excursion will be organized to the ancient Zungri Caves with a visit to the Museum of Rural and Peasant Civilization through the rough paths of the Malòpera valley, the historic center of Zungri and the Grotta della Madonna di Lourdes, the Sanctuary of Maria SS. of the Snow.